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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Have I Learned Anything At All?

Many moons back, a man told me that he and I had no future together, due to the cultural gulf between us. I was devastated, but also furious that he’d not thought of the gap before leaping. I’d pointed it … Continue reading

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When you study eight languages, what do you learn? You learn how to study a language at all.

The first thing is grammar. Understanding what rules govern meaning. Meaning is all about relationships. Put the same words in a different order, or twist their endings, and you change meaning–or create garble. The same ingredients, different impacts. Therefore observe. Scrutinize. Plumb … Continue reading

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Run with me, Wolf

I respect the Big Bad Wolf. He didn’t give up. He huffed and he puffed–till he blew those houses down. I don’t want little piggies. I just don’t want to fail my little beast. So, I drag myself back down to our abyss, … Continue reading

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In which I rant about posers

How safely fashionable self-crowned experts are in their advice. But fashion is not truth. They go to different parties. “Writing rules.” Give me a break. If there is one truth–and there isn’t–I’ll take Kafka’s: A book must be the axe for the … Continue reading

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Yet from those flames no light, but rather darkness visible ~ Milton

One of the touchstone images on my writing desk is a magnet of Caravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath. I actually bumped into this painting in Rome. What I loved about our encounter was that I didn’t recognize the painting … Continue reading

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Timber, I’m not falling

Strange days, strange days. Recently I got some beautiful feedback on my screenplay, CROW.  Things were said which I hadn’t realized I needed to hear. When I began CROW, I knew it might take six or seven scripts before I wrote a worthy … Continue reading

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Accidental hiatus, but I’m back.  Having a blast finishing the seventh draft of a new work, and taking notes for the next two writing projects. Life is magic! Photo: The gorgeous gardens of the Cathedral of St John the Divine. … Continue reading

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A terrifying thought

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.  ~ Picasso

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Writing takes many matches

You are the one who writes and the one who is written.  ~ Edmond Jabès

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The 99 Miles of October

October has been a not ill-used month. I set myself two challenges, one mental and the other physical. And I arduously died a million writerly agonies over three chapters that needed minor remodeling. I’m finally done with chapters three, four … Continue reading

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