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Death Be Not Proud, though Some Have Called Thee, for I Haven’t Yet

A decade ago, I opened up Long Day’s Journey into Night, but I never got past the introduction. There, I read of Eugene O’Neill’s youth, of his sailing the world and battling tuberculosis. This summed up everything that was wrong with me. I had never … Continue reading

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What the Russian Invasion Taught Me

In August 2008, the Russians invaded Georgia. This was not expected. I was there at the time. When the first explosions hit, my friend J texted from the US. “I think there’s a war going on.” “No, no. It’s just a … Continue reading

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Gori, Georgia

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Tbilisi Meanderings II: Sameba

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Tbilisi Meanderings I: Old Town

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Cold, cold ground…

I remember last winter very well.  I remember how the cold never died; how I never shed my layers, not even indoors.  How I wore all I could to bed.  How my water bottles froze by my bed.  The wind … Continue reading

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Who Needs a TV?

That is, when you don’t have curtains. Winding down for the evening, I shut the lights at my new apartment.  That second, a hundred different screens blinked into life–windows across the way. Truth is, not much is “on” when your screen is someone … Continue reading

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They told me I’d be asked. Told me to have an answer ready

But I was otherwise engaged, and besides, I didn’t know how to answer.  And they were right; people do ask. “So, what was Peace Corps like?” Some expect a two-line answer.  Others want to really get into it, to imagine … Continue reading

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God, How I Scoffed.

You give Peace Corps two years and three months of your life, and you know what they say they’ll give you in return?  I’ll tell you. 1.  Patience 2.  Flexibility Their words. Now this, to me, didn’t seem like too … Continue reading

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Grabbing the Bull by its Horns, or:

Or the pig by its legs.  Whatever works for you, I say.  🙂 Today’s a writing morning. This photo brought to you courtesy of my beloved bazaar in Gori, Georgia. I’ve got 2K more words to write this morning to … Continue reading

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