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What the Russian Invasion Taught Me

In August 2008, the Russians invaded Georgia. This was not expected. I was there at the time. When the first explosions hit, my friend J texted from the US. “I think there’s a war going on.” “No, no. It’s just a … Continue reading

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Notes of a Fine, Upstanding Citizen

The truth now: have you ever been kicked out of a place? I have twice suffered the ignominy of being escorted from a place, if one does not count evacuating Georgia.  (Which I do not, as I find an invading … Continue reading

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One Night in the Midwest

It was a beautiful night, swelling with stars and cricket songs, and I was on the front porch with a glass of red wine. B and I listened to the sounds of the party inside; the raucous music, the jumbled … Continue reading

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It wasn’t what I was expecting.

Not that I had great expectations.  Mostly, I just expected the same old.  Which I quite love. But instead, as I turned the page of my delicious new book–Holderlin’s Hymns and Fragments–and absent-mindedly looked out the living room window, I … Continue reading

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Developing Characters, or: What Doesn’t Kill You…

The other morning I had a guest over for brunch.  In other words, I had to tidy the apartment.  The problem was that my apartment was already tidy.  This is because I’m writing a book, and writing a book requires … Continue reading

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Cold, cold ground…

I remember last winter very well.  I remember how the cold never died; how I never shed my layers, not even indoors.  How I wore all I could to bed.  How my water bottles froze by my bed.  The wind … Continue reading

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Ask, and ye shall receive…

“Excuse me, miss, I don’t want to disturb you,” he said. His eyes were a wide blue, his cheeks covered with stubble.  A man in his mid thirties or forties.  Slovenly and of feeble carriage.  His voice neither deep nor … Continue reading

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the best laid plans…

I was planning to fall into a deep slumber.  I was planning to get to it immediately.  I didn’t see that I could stay awake one more minute. So it was no surprise–or rather, it ought not to have been–when … Continue reading

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At Long Last…

I don’t even know where to start. It’s hard being an early-riser sometimes.  The past week in particular has been really tough.  On Friday, I had the fortune to wake up bright and happy at 4:30am.  Deliciousness–a crisp morning of … Continue reading

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Not an Elizabethan Tragedy

I was only an exit away.  In other words, I was primed to be stopped by the cops. It was October 1, 2002.  My last day living in Washington, DC.  My first day living in New Jersey.  A state roundly mocked by … Continue reading

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