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Edmond Jabes, on the first book (or only book) we write

When, as a child, I wrote my name for the first time, I knew I was beginning a book. ~ The Book of Questions …”This phrase responded to something that was very true for me, very profound, which I must … Continue reading

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When you study eight languages, what do you learn? You learn how to study a language at all.

The first thing is grammar. Understanding what rules govern meaning. Meaning is all about relationships. Put the same words in a different order, or twist their endings, and you change meaning–or create garble. The same ingredients, different impacts. Therefore observe. Scrutinize. Plumb … Continue reading

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In which I rant about posers

How safely fashionable self-crowned experts are in their advice. But fashion is not truth. They go to different parties. “Writing rules.” Give me a break. If there is one truth–and there isn’t–I’ll take Kafka’s: A book must be the axe for the … Continue reading

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When Crossing the Rubicon in a Paper Boat

It helps, as your hair fans in its waters, before the other shore is visible, to make your heart new oaths–ones you’ll drag from your death if the river demands it. I know my oaths. One is to this damn beast of … Continue reading

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Yet from those flames no light, but rather darkness visible ~ Milton

One of the touchstone images on my writing desk is a magnet of Caravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath. I actually bumped into this painting in Rome. What I loved about our encounter was that I didn’t recognize the painting … Continue reading

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Sometimes everything has to be destroyed

I think it was Picasso who said that creativity is first of all an act of destruction. A year ago today, a play destroyed me. Or rather, since I went to see it ten times, and then lied so that … Continue reading

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Timber, I’m not falling

Strange days, strange days. Recently I got some beautiful feedback on my screenplay, CROW.  Things were said which I hadn’t realized I needed to hear. When I began CROW, I knew it might take six or seven scripts before I wrote a worthy … Continue reading

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