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It is the Now

Times are dark and uncertain, and how things are going to end isn’t a given. Maybe it doesn’t even matter. It’s the love we share in the now that is everything that matters. Love makes and remakes us. And I believe … Continue reading

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They told me I’d be asked. Told me to have an answer ready

But I was otherwise engaged, and besides, I didn’t know how to answer.  And they were right; people do ask. “So, what was Peace Corps like?” Some expect a two-line answer.  Others want to really get into it, to imagine … Continue reading

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God, How I Scoffed.

You give Peace Corps two years and three months of your life, and you know what they say they’ll give you in return?  I’ll tell you. 1.  Patience 2.  Flexibility Their words. Now this, to me, didn’t seem like too … Continue reading

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If I Die Before I Wake…

When we got there, he turned off the ignition.  Together, we took in the sight of the refugee center.  One year ago, I had been here.  One year ago, it had been a school.  My teens whispered in anticipation.  My … Continue reading

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Silver Linings, or Winter Evening Conversations in a Small Caucasus Town

We were sitting huddled around the fire in the kitchen. Every few minutes one of us would kneel down before it to fan the flames, to increase the heat in the frigid room.  It was the only source of heat … Continue reading

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