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Me and Prometheus

I was either upset about something, or elated. I can’t remember which. But the key thing is that I had dug out two bottles of wine to share with the other guests at the hostel. And so it was, as the night … Continue reading

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When Crossing the Rubicon in a Paper Boat

It helps, as your hair fans in its waters, before the other shore is visible, to make your heart new oaths–ones you’ll drag from your death if the river demands it. I know my oaths. One is to this damn beast of … Continue reading

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Shhhh! A secret…

So this is how my dear friend J began our conversation the other day. “Okay, now my mom told me not to tell you, but–” Egad!  That is a scary start.  I sat ramrod stiff and waiting for the scoop.  … Continue reading

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