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I Remind Myself, in Troubled Times

Have the courage to accept our responsibility and our pain as our starting point. Imagine, seek and honor the most compelling truth of “the other side.” Abandon demeaning speech and belittling thoughts. Forgive others for not being perfect, for not … Continue reading

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Beyond the Point of No Returns

There’s no two ways about it.  Writing is an insane activity.  Both when it’s working—and one walks along city streets in earnest, deep conversation with oneself, periodically stopping still to jot down notes—and when it’s not working (which involves more … Continue reading

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Falling Upon the Thorns of Language. Every Language.

It’s one thing to mess up in a foreign language.  And it’s quite another to do it in your own. The Georgian language is its own language group.  Trust me, I’ve dabbled in enough to know: it’s unique.  Well, and … Continue reading

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