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I Remind Myself, in Troubled Times

Have the courage to accept our responsibility and our pain as our starting point. Imagine, seek and honor the most compelling truth of “the other side.” Abandon demeaning speech and belittling thoughts. Forgive others for not being perfect, for not … Continue reading

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It is the Now

Times are dark and uncertain, and how things are going to end isn’t a given. Maybe it doesn’t even matter. It’s the love we share in the now that is everything that matters. Love makes and remakes us. And I believe … Continue reading

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Timber, I’m not falling

Strange days, strange days. Recently I got some beautiful feedback on my screenplay, CROW.  Things were said which I hadn’t realized I needed to hear. When I began CROW, I knew it might take six or seven scripts before I wrote a worthy … Continue reading

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On Gimmicks: just poorly disguised weaknesses or insulting cons and crutches?

I’ve been thinking about gimmicks recently.  Such an ugly word, “gimmick.”  It sounds sticky, gummy and like a cheap con.  Well, to me it does. So what brings this on?  The book I read on Saturday.  I read it till … Continue reading

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What does fiction owe reality, or what ought it adhere to, if anything?

A friend was asking me how many pages of my book my seemingly endless research will take up.  It won’t take up too much.  Maybe ten to fifteen pages total.  But I need them to be accurate.  I have a … Continue reading

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Ask, and ye shall receive…

“Excuse me, miss, I don’t want to disturb you,” he said. His eyes were a wide blue, his cheeks covered with stubble.  A man in his mid thirties or forties.  Slovenly and of feeble carriage.  His voice neither deep nor … Continue reading

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that magic feeling

Scenes don’t stand alone in books.  They fit, they move, they’re living parts of the organism that is a book.  Ideally. But for them to work like that requires vision and a sense of the larger story, of the whole.  … Continue reading

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