It is the Now

Times are dark and uncertain, and how things are going to end isn’t a given. Maybe it doesn’t even matter. It’s the love we share in the now that is everything that matters. Love makes and remakes us. And I believe it stands a chance of remaking the world.

When I speak of love, I don’t speak of the mild and meek fantasy, of vapid daffodils fluffy in a breeze. I speak of passion, generosity, commitment and risk. Giving. That love. The kind that reshapes even the lover.

The love that takes everything. Comes from the center of one’s being. Requires our vulnerability and selflessness.

Because love isn’t simply a feeling. Love is an act. Love is work. Is risk.

It’s the greatest gift we can give.

Love is everything. It’s not cheap. But cheap giving isn’t giving at all.

The faith we give others impacts their own faith. Impacts their trajectories. Creates and reshapes the possible. You see–we love the world into being. It is our true creative act. Our legacy.

Loving, we lift others. We change landscapes. We make possible words others never thought they’d utter. Their own words. Their own voices. And even our own, rough with emotion. With truth.

The invisible, the impossible, the true-despite-everything, that’s the gift that love gives.

So, let there be love. All it will take is everything. And because it’s love, it’s not the end that matters–it’s the fullness of the now.


About sputnitsa

I'm a first-gen American--grew up in Africa and the West Indies, served in Peace Corps, and work in international development, social justice, refugee aid and youth empowerment. I'm back from climbing minarets and mountains, and here in NYC enjoy exploring theaters, museums, forests and parks. I write, produce short films, and direct plays.
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