I recognize this will sound macabre…

But I’m in the mood for drums. And am trawling Youtube for the sound I need. The thing is… The sound I’m in the mood for? I heard it once before, but it was…

Well, it wasn’t drums. It was the sound of Russian artillery. I slept well that night. Don’t know what to say.

Naturally, I’m not in the mood for war. But I do want drums that sound like artillery fire…

I’m settling for some “shamanic” Native American drumming playing from one Youtube link, and some of this:

About sputnitsa

I'm a first-gen American--grew up in Africa and the West Indies, served in Peace Corps, and work in international development, social justice, refugee aid and youth empowerment. I'm back from climbing minarets and mountains, and here in NYC enjoy exploring theaters, museums, forests and parks. I write, produce short films, and direct plays.
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