Criminal Mind

Bit of a scramble this morning.

Woke up late and tired, decided ye olde brain was in no useful shape for writing, and to tidy the house instead. An act of desperation.

I found a pink envelope that informed me it was URGENT.  Pink envelopes are not urgent.  Pink does not say “open me.”  Pink says “breeze on by.”  I had already ignored it for a while, but I opened it this morning.

Discovered it held a government jury selection form. What? Okay.

But heaven forfend I check which column is YES and which is NO.  In a tired blur, I ended up checking YES confirming I’d been convicted of the entire slew of crimes they listed.

On the upside, I found an eraser after only a wee bit of a scramble in ye olde desk.

On the extra upside, I think it might be fun to behave in a slightly angled way today, do something different to commemorate my day of mass criminality.

Something other than finish cleaning the house.


This is not my house. Nor a pink government form. Nor a crime. I think.


About sputnitsa

Born in the US, I grew up in Africa and the West Indies, and returned stateside in my teens. I've worked in international development, social justice and democracy work, and inclusivity training both domestically and overseas. I have served in Peace Corps, where I experienced my first Russian invasion, after which I volunteered with refugees and mentored youth. I vacation climbing minarets and mountains, as well as exploring theaters, museums and parks. Here in New York, I produce short films, direct short plays, and write.
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