that exquisite and painful transition to winter

I went for a long walk in Central Park this weekend.  I’ll miss its colors and vibrance and kapow! of life and verdant green in the middle of my city this winter.  How beautiful it is!

And yes, my post is about nothing more than that–a loving aching last hug to now.

Central Park view


About sputnitsa

Born in the US, I grew up in Africa and the West Indies, and returned stateside in my teens. After a decade in international development, democracy work, and inclusivity training for domestic NGOs, I joined Peace Corps, and after a year, experienced my first Russian invasion. I followed that up by volunteering with refugees and youth, and after some vacation time climbing minarets and mountains, I returned to New York City, where today I work on social justice with college students, produce short films, and write.
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7 Responses to that exquisite and painful transition to winter

  1. Beth says:

    I’ve missed your photographs!

    How is this month’s 100 mile walk going?

    • sputnitsa says:

      Aw, thank you! I love the park, and this is the season for meandering in it!!

      As for this month’s walking madness, I’ve actually upped the ante. Yes, why walk a mere 100 miles a month, when you can walk 100 miles within the first 20 days of the month? What, you can think of multiple good reasons?! 😉

      Actually, I have an escapade coming up next week, so I reckoned I’d get my 100 miles in beforehand. Because I can’t let well enough alone. I’ve got 78.6 miles down, and 21.4 to go. In four days. Outrageous, and therefore appealing. Wish me luck!

      Oh, and I just splurged on a pair of minimalist moccasins which are arriving by post soon–I’m hoping I love them…and I’ll let you know. Have you ever used any minimalist shoes?

      • Beth says:

        Autumn is the best time to meander anywhere. Particularly where there are trees. 🙂

        Wow! Good luck to you. I’d love to take on a challenge like that–my studies leave me rather desk ridden. Best of luck to you! You can do it!

        I’ve never heard of minimalist shoes. What are they?

        • sputnitsa says:

          Amen to that! 🙂 I love the park at this time..

          I hear you about the desk-bound aspect of academia!!

          In terms of minimalist shoes, they’re to some degree what they sound like–shoes that are as little there as possible. The idea behind them is the theory (fact?) that as our exercise shoes have specialized, our injuries have not abated, and that all shoes are now built with heels that go against our natural gaits and postures. These heels encourage us to strike the pavement/ground with our heels, rather than landing on the balls of our feet/forefeet, a process which causes injuries and also goes against our bodies’ natural shock absorption systems. Minimalist shoes might have 2-5mm soles, built to protect the feet from sharp objects, but thin enough so that one’s feet can feel the ground. The Vibram Five Finger shoes (the ones that look like feet-toe-sock-things) are maybe the most thorough ones–because they allow your toes to do their work in walking/running. I didn’t get those, though… 🙂 I got a pair of moccasins instead–and took them out for a trial walk today. 7.5 miles or somesuch.

          Wow. You can probably find out more by googling barefoot running… I’m still trying to learn more–but do like the idea of returning to basics (plus necessary protection)…

        • sputnitsa says:

          thanks for the good luck wishes! 🙂 I’m at 88 miles today.

  2. Beth says:

    Oh, I’ve heard of them! I know people who wear the ones with the toes. 🙂

  3. ralfast says:

    I remember those cold autumn days, pretty but depressing at the same time.

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