Weapon of Mass Destruction

I’m typing away in the living room, when lo, I hear a noise.

I jump to my feet.  I reach for a weapon.  Aha!  My TEACUP.  My Teacup of Doom!

And I run through the house, my teacup aloft, whipping open the doors, pressing against walls.

The assailants must have fled at the first sight of the shadow of my teacup, for my home was safe and empty of villains.

Another victory.

I put my weapon in the sink.  I still have this morning’s coffee cup in the living room in case the villains are so bold as to try again.

Because I’m always ready.  A hero is always ready.


About sputnitsa

Born in the US, I grew up in Africa and the West Indies, and returned stateside in my teens. I've worked in international development, social justice and democracy work, and inclusivity training both domestically and overseas. I have served in Peace Corps, where I experienced my first Russian invasion, after which I volunteered with refugees and mentored youth. I vacation climbing minarets and mountains, as well as exploring theaters, museums and parks. Here in New York, I produce short films, direct short plays, and write.
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4 Responses to Weapon of Mass Destruction

  1. ralfast says:

    Brilliant! Armed and Dangerous with a scalding tea! Oh and a bit f Fry and Laurie thrown in for good measure, eh? You should check out David Mitchell on YouTube as well.

    Cheers. 😉

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