In the Spirit of Our Economy (she said without jinxing anyone)

I’m planning MAJOR cuts.  MAJOR downsizing.

I speak of my manuscript, of course. 🙂

Notice the behemoth’s at over 500 pages today?  Gonna bring that monster count down, friends, Romans and neighbors!  Lend me your delete buttons!

Well, never mind the delete–I’ll do that carefully from this end.

I’ve been tightening and whatnots, but there’s lots of driftwood here, and I’ve decided to cut off the dead limbs to help prune my tree.  There, now I’ve mixed metaphors and you can all continue your days knowing all is normal on my side of the pond.  🙂

a story in a snapshot - Oslo City Hall

A story in a snapshot - from Oslo City Hall


About sputnitsa

Born in the US, I grew up in Africa and the West Indies, and returned stateside in my teens. After a decade in international development, democracy work, and inclusivity training for domestic NGOs, I joined Peace Corps, and after a year, experienced my first Russian invasion. I followed that up by volunteering with refugees and youth, and after some vacation time climbing minarets and mountains, I returned to New York City, where today I work on social justice with college students, produce short films, and write.
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8 Responses to In the Spirit of Our Economy (she said without jinxing anyone)

  1. Beth says:

    Wonderful! There’s nothing quite so satisfying as hitting the delete key. 🙂
    Maybe finishing.

    • sputnitsa says:

      Haha! 🙂 When I finish I’ll be able to compare the two… What a thought. But of course today I sat down to delete and then wrote two more pages. 🙂

      I am happy with it though, because it’s getting stronger. I’m rewriting into the text, at which point I can delete what’s become redundant or nonsensical based on what I’ve written.

      Writing is madness!!

  2. JBro says:

    I’ve always said you were crazy, and now you are finally proving it to yourself! 😉

  3. ralfast says:

    I’m always putting things in, not taking them out, so the delete button and I are total strangers.

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