an odyssey…

It turns out that I can be 453 pages into a first draft and writing can still be a great unknown, with waves and undercurrents and marvelous creatures still making themselves known. 

Does a practiced writer control all this better?  Does Margaret Atwood, sitting at her computer to write, know now what to expect, and calmly gaze the storms in the eye, continuing unabated and unchecked?  Or does she know from time to time she’ll need to step back and let the waves wash over and calm themselves before she pounces while they’re weak?  Does she know her currents?  Or are they changing?

I should like to reach that level of control where at least I know what to expect.  But maybe, as in life, writing doesn’t come with such guarantees.  Or maybe, as they say in life, once you get the hang of it, you die.   🙂


About sputnitsa

Born in the US, I grew up in Africa and the West Indies, and returned stateside in my teens. I've worked in international development, social justice and democracy work, and inclusivity training both domestically and overseas. I have served in Peace Corps, where I experienced my first Russian invasion, after which I volunteered with refugees and mentored youth. I vacation climbing minarets and mountains, as well as exploring theaters, museums and parks. Here in New York, I produce short films, direct short plays, and write.
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8 Responses to an odyssey…

  1. ralfast says:

    Hey Sput! You’re back! Yeah, writing can be that way, it is to me and I’m on my third book (stalled at the moment, but still).

  2. sputnitsa says:

    🙂 Egad! 🙂 Well, I hope it gets unstalled soon 🙂 Do you have a sense of why it’s stalled right now?

  3. Beth says:

    You’re back!
    Glad to hear that your writing is going well, if unpredictably. 😀

  4. Sputsie,

    I can’t answer for Atwood, but the only thing predictable about my currents is their astonishing unpredictability.

    The one thing that I learned from finishing the novel that I’m querying, is to keep going. Writing this current novel isn’t any easier (sorry!, I know that’s not what you want to hear), but the one advantage I do have is that I know I can fight through the slumps because I did before.

    Just make yourself a cinnamon-laced cuppa coffee and BIC. 🙂

    • sputnitsa says:

      *sigh* 🙂

      Oh, btw, I don’t have cinnamon. I checked today as I made my second cup for the day. What a crying shame… 🙂 🙂

      BIC indeed. 🙂 Well, I know your next one’s going to rock, too!!! 🙂

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